technologyIn an effort to provide our customers with the widest range of innovative and customized options, Alphapage employs some of the most sophisticated technology available in the industry. We're committed to using technology to create smarter, faster and more efficient solutions.

  • The core of our technology is our award winning ®Amtelco Infinity switch.

    When integrated with the rest of our technology, the ®Amtelco Infinity switch enables us to support your business reliably and efficiently with the latest in state-of-the-art messaging, voice processing, advanced digital switching and call data analysis. All of our equipment is backed up with gas-powered, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to ensure that your lines to us are always open for business.
  • Because technology is only as smart as the people who use it, our equipment is backed by exceptional IT support teams, and our front-line operators are well trained on the features and functionality that support a wide range of call-handling needs.

    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) sends calls to the first available agent with the appropriate skill levels for your call.
    • Incoming calls may be routed automatically to those operators with the specific experience, training, or foreign language skills required for managing your calls.
    • Forty-six channels of PRI ISDN Digital phone lines to ensure that your clients never get a busy signal; each account can receive up to 10 calls simultaneously.
    • All digital service for reliability, voice quality and call logging
    • Operator assisted calls generate instant on-screen access to protocols and customized scripting; each call is managed precisely to your standards.
    • Web integration provides the option of immediate access to your website with each call, allowing operators' access to order entry or any other online customer support already carefully constructed by your business.
    • SQL server for collecting and managing data for your business
    • A full year of phone message archives
    • 24/7 IT tech support
    • Digital Voice Logger records all phone conversations and archives them for future retrieval; we can query any conversation by date and approximate time of call.
    • System back ups, including power and phone line redundancy


Secure, Reliab​le Back-Up

  • Our computer systems are housed in a fireproof, temperature-controlled room.
  • Our systems are supported by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) 24/7, so power spikes or brownouts do not bring our system down suddenly.
  • Our building is equipped with a gas generator, so power outages are never a concern.
  • Our system is backed with 24-hour hardware and software support.

Our Partners 

You're only as good as the company you keep

The companies we partner with to deliver our services are leaders in their class, delivering the highest level of quality products, applications, technology and service.










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